Master Plan

What is an Airport Master Plan?

The MidAmerica St. Louis Airport (BLV) is currently conducting an update to its Airport Master Plan. An Airport Master Plan is a long-range strategy that defines future development activities at an airport. These plans allow an airport operator to take a long look at all the elements of the airport—from terminal to taxiways, fuel farm to fire-fighting facilities—and consider how they might need to be changed to meet the demand of the next two decades. The resulting plan also anticipates the costs of those changes, potential environmental impacts, and the activity levels that would need to be reached to start a particular project.

BLV Master Plan Update

BLV’s last Airport Master Plan update was conducted in 2009, before commercial airlines even served the airport. Since that time, BLV has seen a dramatic increase in passenger traffic. This Airport Master Plan update will allow St. Clair County, the owner and operator of MidAmerica St. Louis Airport, to develop a strategy to accommodate existing and future passengers, safely maintain the airfield, and identify opportunities for commercial growth beyond the airlines.

Specifically, the BLV Airport Master Plan update has been enacted to address the growth of commercial air service and the airport’s terminal facilities, and to evaluate additional aeronautical and non-aeronautical business growth.

An update to an Airport Master Plan usually takes around two years to complete. While the MidAmerica St. Louis Airport team and its engineering partner, Crawford, Murphy & Tilly, began the process in 2019, efforts were delayed because of the pandemic. Despite the unanticipated pause, much of the project’s work has been accomplished. Completed draft chapters are available for download [below/in the Document Library], and as more chapters are prepared and accepted, they will be uploaded to this site.

Project Timelines

  • Terminal Expansion – Under construction with the present completion shown as June 2023.
  • Master Plan Update – November 2021.


Airport Master Plan2021 Update Download