ID Badging

SIDA Badge Initial Issue

An airport badge is required for all employees and tenants working/operating inside the Airport Operations Area (AOA) and any contractors performing unescorted work. The badging process encompasses several steps and may take several days to be completed, so please plan to allow ample time to complete the process before needing to use your badge. The badging process is as follows:

Schedule an appointment (Monday through Friday).  Only the applicant should be listed for the scheduled appointment.

Proceed to Public Safety located at 8849 Air Service Drive, Mascoutah IL 62258. 

    • Bring your completed ID Media Application. Make sure your company’s Authorized Signatory has signed the application; without this signature, your application cannot be processed.

    • Bring appropriate identification. The I-9 form is the full list of ID’s documentation approved by the TSA.  You are required to bring two forms of ID; one from each list on the I-9 form.  Your Authorized Signatory can assist you with your ID requirement. Your application must be legible and fully complete.  Your driver’s license is required if you plan to drive on the AOA. 

    • Bring your completed Fingerprint Application Form. All applicants for ID Media are subject to a fingerprint based Criminal History Records Check. 

The Badging Office will set up an online training account when you are ready to badge and you will receive an email from [email protected].” You have three days to login to your online account.  If you fail to login within three days, the system will lock you out; select “forgot password” on the login screen and SSi will send another link to obtain access. The training website is

  • All badge applicants are required to complete SIDA training and successfully pass the online test. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Failure to maintain recurrent training will result in deactivation of your SIDA badge.  Anyone who does not reapply for a SIDA badge within their 12 Consecutive Calendar Months (CCM) will experience delays obtaining a new SIDA badge.  Anyone who is 30 days past due will be treated as a new applicant and must start the process from the beginning.
  • If you’ll be operating or escorting vehicles and/or equipment, please read the “Driver’s Testing” section below for additional required steps.

The Airport Badging Office must have an updated list of your organization’s Authorized Signatory(ies). If you need to add an individual or update your current signatories, notify the Badging Office. Authorized Signatories must complete the associated training annually – every 12CCM. Failure to maintain currency will result in your signatory privileges being suspended and those who you sign for will not be able to obtain a SIDA badge.

SIDA Badge Renewal

Airport badges must be renewed annually. The renewal process encompasses several steps and may take several days to be completed, so please allow ample time to complete the process. The renewal process is as follows:

Log into the online training portal and complete the assigned training.  Please use forgot password if you need to reset your password.

The application must be complete and accurate.  Make sure your company’s Authorized Signatory has signed the application; without this and your signature, your application cannot be processed.

Schedule your badge pickup appointment online at  Please bring your signed application and unexpired ID’s to your scheduled appointment.

Driver's Testing

All badged individuals who intend to operate or escort vehicles and/or equipment in the Air Operations Area (AOA) must receive driving privileges from the Airport prior to doing so.

To receive Driving Privileges, you must: 

  • Possess a valid State issued driver’s license.
  • Possess a valid Airport issued ID Badge.
  • Undergo driver training with your employer.
  • Thoroughly read and review the applicable Movement or Non-Movement Driver’s Training Manual.
  • Pass the Airport Movement and/or Non-Movement Driver’s Online Exam with a score of 90% or greater.
  • Airport Movement Area Drivers must also pass a Movement Area Practical Driving Exam.

Additionally, all drivers are required to take a recurrent Driver’s Test annually and score 90% or greater to maintain their Driving Privileges.  Any driver that fails to take or pass the recurrent Driver Test within the month due will have their badge deactivated.

Testing is available online; please follow directions received via email from SSI 

Step 1 – Pass the online Airport Driver’s Online Exam with a score of 90% or greater.

  • Persons needing Non-Movement Area privileges will take the Non-Movement Area exam.
  • Persons needing Movement Area privileges will take the Movement Area exam.

Step 2 – (Movement Area Drivers Only) Pass the Movement Area Driving Practical Exam (“ride along”) through actual demonstration of testing knowledge.

  • This portion can be expected to take 30-60 minutes depending on performance.
  • Schedule your practical driving test
  • Visit the Airport Badging Office
    • The Airport Badging Office is located inside the Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Facility at 8849 Air Service Drive, Mascoutah IL 62258.
    • All persons must bring a valid State issued driver’s license with them to the testing appointment or the test will be denied

Badging FAQs

Please use the following link to schedule your badging appointment.  You do not need an account to schedule on the airport’s website.

All online training will be completed using this link.  You must have an account set up by the badging office to access the training  Please remember your employee ID and password because you will need it for future use.

You have three (3) days to initially login to your account.  If you did not login within the specified time frame, please use “forgot password” on the site.

Yes.  Failure to do so will result in you not being able to renew your badge.

No.  Your training needs to be completed within the month listed on your badge.

Yes.  Please contact your authorized signatory prior to scheduling an appointment for a badge.