UAS / Drones

The FAA Do’s and Don’ts of Model Aircraft Operations


  • DO contact the Airport and FAA control tower when flying within 5 miles of the Airport
  • DO register your aircraft if it weighs more than 55 pounds
  • DO register your drone, unless it weighs less than .55 pounds (250 grams)
  • DO fly a model aircraft/UAS at the local model aircraft club
  • DO take lessons and learn to fly safely
  • DO fly a model aircraft or a drone for personal enjoyment


  • DON’T fly near manned aircraft
  • DON’T fly beyond line of sight of the operator
  • DON’T fly an aircraft weighing more than 55 pounds unless it is certified by an aeromodelling community-based organization
  • DON’T fly contrary to your aeromodelling community-based safety guidelines
  • DON’T fly model aircraft for payment or commercial purposes

Drone Safety

For additional information on FAA Regulations and UAS Operations, please visit these websites: